Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Missing Chennai....

Oh it gets so lonely
When you're walking
And the streets are full of strangers
All the news of home you read
Just gives you the blues
Just gives you the blues


If I said Chennai was Hot, I take my words back... I want to go home for summer vacation!!!!


The Insane Genius said...

It was drizlin this morn.
Ferfect weather to get that someone go for a long ride.
Cant go out unfortunately :-(
But awesome weather plus cos I now have a seat next to the window ;-D
Have fun in Hyd, the place where one cannot even sweat to cool off :-D

J said...

** off to throw a tantrum ** I WANT SUMMER VACATIONS... or even rains maybe.

The Insane Genius said...

It rained and I rode in it today :-D

*runs away skipping and humming*
*bashes into wall and conks off...*

J said...

just hope it doesn rain anymore..i am off to count the days of the summer.. awaiting rains fist week of june onwards.. then Winter :) :)


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