Monday, August 28, 2006


incase u are left wondering what the 'Dated' at the end of the post signifies, well it is when i actually wrote the post, the post gets published much later.

This day that year!

How could I not have written about this?
Aug 13, 2005 night. Get dropped off at the MAC to go to London. What trip! The flight from MAC was delayed. And after a very long day, it was just the apt time to fall sick! Stand at the boarding gate and rush to the loo!!! What a day! Reach Mumbai. Delayed flight gets us stranded in the air port for 8 hours. The food – terrible. Just what makes you feel even sicker. After what seemed to be a million trips to the loom I finally decided to go see the doctor. God bless him! After ORS/electrolyte and a heavy dosage of antibiotics, lesser trips to the loo and then finally – the boarding call. OK, so we board the flight and I fall asleep for the next 14-15 hours to see the Big Ben without even realizing the stopover at Ahmedabad or wherever that was. Phew!
The trip back was relatively nicer. Completely recovered. Heathrow – Mumbai. And the n from there to MAC. Well from a Boeing to an airbus. Very bad if you get the emergency window seat next to the engine or turbine or whatever that thing is called. The 14 hour fun trip from Heathrow to Mumbai was fun but from there to Chennai was horrible. It left me dazed, deprived, and half deaf. Not to mention the Maharaja’s service and food needs really needs an overhaul.
This was a year back, when we carried hand baggage – a hand bag and a backpack. Now, well no trips in the near future to comment on travel experiences.

Dated: 14/08/2006


Close to 0040 hours. Just finished reading an article about Guenther Grass. He was awarded the Nobel(lit) in 1999. Now he admits to serving on the Schutzstaffel.
Germans-Nazis-Hitler-Schindler’s list!!! As one grows old, perhaps one feels the need to go back in time and do better the things of the past. As one ages, Ok, as one matures with age, one really understands what Repentance means. Am I also a part of this lot? Guess so…, No; it is a definite Yes. Why else would I say ‘Thanks for being my friend’ after having ignored a ‘cheer up’ sms? All of 22, look back into the so many months that I have been what have I done to repent? Why do I feel guilty? Too many to list, yet for the sake of killing time I shall make an attempt.
Ø Disregard/disrespect for the people who I hold close to heart. It may be because I take them for granted, but alas commitment or relationships don’t seem to weigh more than regard, respect and all that.
Ø Oscillating between love and hatred. [The opposite of love is not hatred, its indifference] if you are thinking ex-boyfriend, well I let romance pass me by. No repentance. But when kith and kin have to bear with such extremes of ones personality, you look back in retrospect and want to correct it.
Ø Not having studied properly
Ø Pizza
Ø Lying
Ø Too much TV
Hmmmph… all those are the cravings that I repent for. What would life be at 70? What are the things that I would repent for? Well, one thing is for sure now, I do repent for having wasted a lot of the earth’s resources, my dad’s money, my mom’s patience, my sister’s time… but at 70? Well I am not so very interested in living till then, am sure I will have to repent for every breathing second then. God Bless

Dated: !4/08/2006

2B or not 2B?

Well, that was on an invite that I’d received a while ago and more than anything else, it has been occupying my mind for ‘oh-so-many’ days.
2B or not to B? A very dangerous question if one were depressed and on an extreme high. But since I am only maudlin and mooching around delirium, the question does not actually come across as an extremist’s point of view.
All this may be yet another one of my really obscure thoughts on life and in case you have tolerated with it this far, I presume you have a great level of tolerance and give you an applause for the same.
This topic is definitely an all time favourite. [Slightly in third person and majorly impersonal]
Ever wondered what many people in your social circle are thinking about at the moment? It’s definitely got to be a “2B or not to B” situation in question.
One such person has a problem; a real 2B or not to B issue. Dreams of making it big, venturing with the who’s who of the field, lots of travel… and if one has been working for it and yearning for it for quite sometime and it all of sudden slips… dreams shattered… all because of something as trivial as money… or the lack of it. Think of someone who has planned everyday of every month of every year ahead, this person has to go back to square one because of this. Can a pedantic soul recuperate from such a disaster? Thoughts galore. I can sit at this desk and pen down my pity but would the same avenue prove to be a gateway for me if I were to be facing a situation like this? Perhaps yes, only whatever was penned down would never see the light of the day.
What would this person do is a question that remains unanswered. When confronted with a question, ‘what do you think I should do now?’ it left me speechless. Dwelling close to depression, actually a freaky thing, gave me the creeps to even think of the answers. The only solace being that what rubs off this person is the optimism and the positivism. Hence I shall retain my sanity abt this frnd. God bless.. Everyone.
PS: never ever have I seen money play such a pivotal role in making and breaking destiny. And am sure you are pondering on a 2B or not to B thought.


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