Monday, September 04, 2006

A topic suggested!

A topic suggested!

So what does one who asks for advice get? Advice! So on hot autumn night, the author sets to the taks of finding something worthy to write about. (Actually, it does not require too much fuss, just some ability to think on the topic for a while. Now that you have been reading this blog, you should have realized it.) Nothing comes across to the mind as a topic, which can occupy the thought process for more than a couple of seconds. Then finally settle down to seek help! A friend suggests trying to write something with emotion, and the emotion to be portrayed – romance. The suggestion was made with a certain person in mind. Moreover, given cupid’s current monopoly over a certain part of the brain (or should it be the heart?) it comes across as a worthy idea. There are many perquisites to this, as listed
Ø incase a blood relative comes across my blog, there is awareness created(chances are high of my absconding then)
Ø Incase there is 'the' certain person visiting this blog, well, it would be worthy.
Ø In addition, gives time to think about writing for the certain person.

After having suggested the crux of the topic, dear friend elucidates the manner of the post. (Takes the form of a letter, must be romantic…) this may not be a worthy attempt, but nonetheless, it is just an attempt. Better to try n fail than have never tried. Therefore, to try, we all use the help of Google these days. After some vain research, finally, it seems that inspiration for the same; (inspiration already defined) comes from within. Let us set the ball rolling then. Consider reading a love letter from the author addressed to a certain person.

Dear Hjkl,

I haven’t the foggiest of how to start this letter! It is sans an introduction.

I arise from dreams of you
In the first sweet sleep of night,
When the winds are breathing low,
And the stars are shining bright;
I arise from dreams of you,
And a spirit in my feet
Has lead me — who knows how?
To your window, sweet!

The wandering airs they faint
On the dark, the silent stream —
The Champak odours fail
Like sweet thoughts in a dream;
The nightingale’s complaint,
It dies upon her heart; —
As I must on yours,
Oh, beloved as you are!

Oh lift me from the grass!
I die! I faint! I fail!
Let your love in kisses rain
On my lips and eyelids pale.
My cheek is cold and white, alas!
My heart beats loud and fast; —
Oh! Press it to your own again,
Where it will break at last.

A vain attempt at copying poetry, you think! True. I Am love struck. I don’t know how many fathom deep I am in love. Yet, when I hear you voice, I fall in love all over again!



Guess this the most that could be done now. Let’s see when the real opportunity arises.

Ok folks! Show’s over. Damage done!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Coffee Shop

Coffee shop!

There is nothing altruist or philanthropic about this post, just a little something expletive to make blogging a habit.

Sitting in a coffee shop with great company sipping cold coffee! (Cold, ever since a freak accident with hot coffee) That is what most people do these days. In addition, it is catching on a consumer base spread across age groups.

Spending around four hours like such can be very invigorating to the mind. It primarily has to deal with the plethora of people you observe! This post is dedicated to them. (Completely expletory, don’t you think?)

When we entered in the afternoon, we had just a few people sitting around. Mostly Couples – dating can be so much fun, for the observers. People tend to be very nice and sweet to each other with no benevolent intention. At least that is as much as observation was today. Then a few others were hanging out with their peers. Male herds were mostly jealous of the lucky odd male who braved all odds to bring a female along for a date. Then there were the hetero group of friends, such as us, who prove to be eye candy (despite all variations of colour n size n make) for the opposite sexes. The location or scene of crime was a nice coffee shop. As we entered, we rush to seats with the best view - of the road, of the coffee shop and of the neighbourhood. Our usual seats are not taken, and we settle in. The corridor - that’s where we generally sit. It has the best view considering the above-mentioned criteria. Open to elements also. What started as a very humid Sunday afternoon, random drizzles came as respite spells. Hence the four hours.

The one thing that we need to understand about the coffee shop is that they charge you for the time you stay. Can u imagine why else would they serve you coffee at the price of a full meal and add tax upon it and still let you hang around? Therefore, the theory of time is money is proved. (In case you are wondering where this going to, I warned you forehand, this is an expletory practice.) (In case you are wondering what is expletive, here is the definition, in this context it is anything but the first usage.

1.A profane, vulgar or obscene oath
2.(linguistics) A word without meaning added to fill a syntactic position
Example: - It in It is snowing
3.(linguistics) A word that adds to the strength of a phrase without affecting its meaning
Example: - bloody in I'll give you a bloody good hiding. …)

So then, it is some random gossip about people you know and people you do not, interspersed with observing the periphery and the people around. Our first candidates were a couple. The normal guy/girl next-door kind of people. The guy was trying his level’s best to take a picture of his beloved (!?!) on his mobile phone while the lass was brushing off all of his attempts. You can imagine what fun we had watching the replay of Newton’s law of action and reaction. (Physics ma’am – I still remember, you can be proud now!) Then came around a bunch that would not have passed beyond the sophomore age. And they take up a seat similar to ours for the obvious reasons. What a bunch! College Romeos and wannabes. One sometimes spots a wannabe stud with hair straightened and colored. With the coolest mobile phones and then finally the icebreaker... terrible sandals. No, the kind of rubber slip-ons that make u wonder where this person has emerged. Or else it will definitely be sound. Light travels faster than sound; and when they begin to talk; you want to go back in time n undo things. (Desperately hope my physics teacher notices the physics in this post!) As we fill each other on the happenings of the society and go on observing the other coffee sipping Homo sapiens, we notice an uncle standing in his balcony, in the neighboring apartment complex, having a great view at the coffee shop. He must have been sexagenarian or beyond, and was very keenly observing the happenings in the shop. It may have been a ‘God, kids today!’ or a ‘why weren’t coffee shops available during our glorious days’ kind of a thought process happening. In addition, there are the occasionally cruising through the streets, Mercs and BMW’s that leave us wanting and wishing.

Then two of our friends joined us for coffee. After which we continued our watch even more passionately. People came and went. Big cars, small cars and all that in between – the aura (or faux) of opulence is directly proportional to the size of the vehicle and so is the kind of company. Then there were the bikes. Mostly friends just wanting hang around, or the lone souls who come single and go with a pillion rider. And the ones who take the walk. This category is the simple person – employed/student; just wanting to have a cup of coffee and have a nice time observing what the other person is doing. After all man is a social being! From being a couple friendly place in the early afternoon the coffee shop become family friendly as the evening grew upon us. There is one thing that the coffee shop always proves to be - a place for friends to hang around, irrespective of the time. After having pinched and nipped our wallets and paying for all the time well spent, we finally left when a busboy prompted at our occupying the seats free!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What a Day!

What a day!

This weekend starts of with a CSR calling up for offers! Then the comp goes bonkers, rather the console does not cooperate. The evening was a misery. It is Statistics! Mode, mean… hmm, I was out of it in school now it comes back with a bang. Then comes some very gruesome English. Believe me; I was subject to torture having to hear the person talk. Then like much awaited respite, a friend drops by. A blogger himself, he definitely requires mention. It is always so much fun having to spend time with people with whom you can share sensible conversations. Alas, there are so few of the kind left on this world. Once the monitor was functional, routine work on the www. During a chat session, an erudite friend delivered an in-depth definition of inspiration vs motivation. Then after all that, I sit to write this post. Phew!

Forget the statistics; forget the English! The evening, that was interesting. After his arrival, we sit to talk about a mutual friend. A very sweet dame, who can be clearly vulnerable to whatever friends say. She, in short, cares a lot for members of her social circle. Old stories from college fill the room with nostalgia. Then discussing some abstruse topics; - what differentiates motivation and inspiration; some random musings about how clichéd the family circle can be - all in the earshot of the family! Well it does help to keep everybody appraised about general perceptions. So with what do we end up? A couple of hours and a great time spent. In addition, some fabulous ideas and some random stuff that we can ponder upon. The purpose of his visit was to discuss a few intricacies of his plans to motivate people to write. Moreover, with me… a person who has never taken writing for serious all this time. A perspective of this person: he is charming to say the least. Has a great mind, underutilized sometimes and Ambition. Well sometimes, excited about a pair of smart shoes, and otherwise thinking of why we see a crescent like a ‘U’ and not the otherwise? U can imagine the might and range of his thinking. That’s the influence of statistics. Then there are his predictions – seems to work out for a couple of people, let’s see if it does in my case. (I owe him a Louis Vuitton pair of shoes if it does. Thats what you see at the top. Vain attempt to place it right.) Let me leave that at that, anything more would prove to be revelation. So with all that done, and a few ideas and thoughts being smuggled in and out of our craniums, its time to bid adieu and get to the www. A very erudite and selfless friend gives me insight on the inspiration vs. motivation concept over chat. Plainly stated, inspiration is from within where as motivation is from others. The ‘urge to’ can be called inspiration. Ever thought about this?

Well, inspiration is there. Now motivation is in place. After logging on to orkut and some random souls sending you friend requests and one line scraps... you finally find solace blogging. Not to forget wikipedia. Then eventually you decide that its time to write some thing sensible.

Hmmm… Did this post even come close to being sensible?


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