Monday, April 30, 2007

Guess I am done hibernating!

On another note.. Today has been “adjective” day for me, with adjectives pouring in to describe me from all corners. Some stuff that I already knew about myself.. some others non disclosed.

u are a bit crazy
I always knew
but good blog

Another one

hey bharathee naree
sjpaul is online.
naree is smellin
you are my countries bad smell
yes.. thank u :)
u realised it now?
ada paavee
soodu sorana onnum ilaya unaku
none at all
may the almighty throw u to hell
I already booked my seat there

Poor sjpaul!!!!the tortured soul! :)

My Painfully boring Blog!!!!

My Painfully boring Blog!!!!

If you thought the content in here was an utter waste of my time and yours, what do I say Wise men think alike (or may be fools seldom defer???). I have all the time in the world after work to sit and come up with this trash!

Well I realised that not only is the content boring, so is the blog itself. Looks terribly plain and monochromatic compared to the lively author. [Who am I kidding; I probably am as boring as my blog.] One of my low days where I crib about myself I guess. But then Zareen brought it to my notice that my blog was really boring, thankfully she added “let’s change the template” or I would have to go and revamp thought process. There starts the search for a new blog template! She showed me a nice and flowery one, but it looked too tropical for frost. Ideal template should have snow flakes falling slowly and should land softly on the horizontal scroll bar/status bar of the window pleasing the eye. But alas, I have no luck. Absolutely no luck. No luck even when Ekta Kapoor admits I am her inspiration ;) Spend close to an hour googling and give it up finally.

Like the sooooo many other things, may be this too wasn’t meant to be. Poor will continue to look this way until I find just about the right template for it. Until then I hope u find this not so garish looking plain blog a good place to drop by when u crave for some thing stupid to read.

Friday, April 27, 2007

If you are wondering about all the blue around, dont bother, it is all under construction. And also the map, which does not work(maybe there really are no visitors) :)

I am still hibernating by the way... away from random slander by bj!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


You cannot find another fool who would anything as stupid as me. I laugh out aloud for anything I find hilarious, I read a joke online and smile, and all that can be excused; but today was the real heights of stupidity!

Some gyan for readers: When u maintain a blog, never put in what you feel about people in there. If you do then do not send them the link to your blog. Even worse, when u have expressed yourself on details from their orkut profile! ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only I could ever do something this stupid. [Sinister grins coming from some weird corners of the world – you shall be dealt with]

As I write this Dhuti came online for a fraction. No wonder she calls me dumbo! Feel like getting into my shell and hibernating!

Unable to fall asleep, at 3 AM, browsing the net and reading a good number of articles and other things finally get bored of doing it. But still no sleep. Orkut and gtalk help. Keeping my eyes wide open for the next prey who could help me and chat up for while before I fall asleep. No scope. Boring! The days are fun, Mom, Anju, someone or the other keeps me busy. However, the nights are terribly boring. It is hot and I am not tired enough to fall asleep anytime soon. That’s been most of my trip back home, meeting everyone I knew, still have a lot of people left out; eating sadya for vishu; taking my sister shopping; and getting a really huge piece of my parents mind. I really would not be surprised if I score better on an IQ test than Dad. (A really weird thought, can intelligence be associated with the mind!?!?) Anyways, people at work have started missing me and have let me know about it. Sweet! May be all the silence would have disturbed them ;)

Trying to write something to while away time is also a tough task. Brain has become dormant. Needs repair! Then finally a story, fact or fiction – you figure it out(I am really sad at writing a bio). May come across as over dramatic.

Girl1 has a few friends (girl2, boy2, boy3, boy4…) and a crush on boy1. One day, an innocent and honest game of truth or dare and friends get to know about girl1’s rather elaborate dream romance. Then the story of satire starts. “Hey may be I should talk to boy1, lets see if I can help you out” says boy3, “Duh! No, no thanks” replies girl1. Boy3: “ok, then let’s go to pizza, your treat to keep my mouth shut” Girl1: “Arghhh…. Ok!” Dream sequences narrated just to catch a glimpse of girl1 blushing and unable to control her smile were often a source of entertainment for friends. After much blackmail and demands met like this, girl1 realizes this has to stop. She just cannot jeopardize her reputation by turning pink most of the time. Then, finally, (after minutes, months, years or whatever is the measure on that planet), admits to herself that she has to let boy1, who she is barely in contact with due to the difference in frequencies, know about the whole issue. Sometime (again relative measure) later... boy1, sitting far far away on another distant planet with access to the equivalent of high speed internet pings girl1 and starts chatting up. Girl1 not under the influence of alcohol (guess alcohol will be alcohol on any planet) confesses her feelings for him, and narrates stories of her friends pulling her leg. Maybe a little more of it and she would have been too tall. Boy1 gracefully remains polite and does not shoo her off, instilling respect in her. A victorious girl1 tells this story to friends and makes their day, such a sadist, our girl1 is. They ponder on how this dame finally gathered the courage and after affirming that she was not under any kind of influence, decide that their main advantage over her was gone! A happy girl1 leads a peaceful life. Alas, girl1 is rather dumb and her friends would get something new to gain the lost advantage. And there is peace!!!

Now you really know how dormant my brain has become. And no, my books do not have any rubbish like this. Think my next question would be about interplanetary communication… lets c when my brain wakes up.

If you think of anything wrong with this post, other than a major coincidence between alien and human psychology, let me know. The coincidence is but natural, it was written by a human who has not had any alien encounters.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Its been a really normal day in Chennai. Went and met my friends, relatives etc. But it also is the, although the day has become history some 3.5 hours back, last day of the Malayalam calendar. I don't do anything but wish people on DEC 31, but on April since the event is rather subdued, I kinda review myself. That's why the last post was Sigh!!!!! it should have been a ARGH!

Then I Try to calm myself by just lingering on orkut for a really long time and uploading photographs online - Useless!

This year's review unlike last year's shall be written online. I landed up with a nice job. have maintained a lot of friends and managed well on that front. Academics this year has been the greatest disappointment this past year, have to plan on that front!!! Money matters still continue to keep me busy with planning up. Reading has been at a terrible low the last four months, should work on that too. Health seems to be OK, except for... well need to get moving and get new glasses. Mental well being is as usual in doubt. I learnt that I still have a lot to learn(backlog has been increasing). No romance in real life so far.... So good. concern is only a certain person who I would do away with if I were Don, or may be a serial killer. Ups and downs, I didn't learn anything more than that I have a lot of patience when it comes to surprises.
The next year, some things are predictable, but I really don't know what might happen. I don't have a clue where I might be in life. Lots of questions, that I don't know that answers for at the moment.
Its already 3:43 AM, cant sleep for half hour, will jsut have to go back and gape at a few more photographs.

Thats the closest thing that describes my emotional status at the moment. Time 2:26 AM. Mood: Sigh!!!!

I cant help but put this in here, when it comes to searching for stuff online and you are reallllllyyy DESPERATE, nothing, not even my brains come up with anything intersting. Sigh!!!

I just had to put this one up ;)
Guys Like That You're Fun
You're the type of girl guys brag about knowing
That's because you're cool, funny, and laid back
You're smart enough to know how to be one of the guys
But flirty enough to know how to make them all want you
What Do Guys Like About You?

Your Cell Phone Etiquette is 30% Bad, 70% Good
Your cell phone manners are quite good. Not perfect, but almost. Occasionally, you do annoy people with your cell. But when you realize it, you stop.
How's Your Cell Phone Etiquette?

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