Saturday, April 14, 2007

Its been a really normal day in Chennai. Went and met my friends, relatives etc. But it also is the, although the day has become history some 3.5 hours back, last day of the Malayalam calendar. I don't do anything but wish people on DEC 31, but on April since the event is rather subdued, I kinda review myself. That's why the last post was Sigh!!!!! it should have been a ARGH!

Then I Try to calm myself by just lingering on orkut for a really long time and uploading photographs online - Useless!

This year's review unlike last year's shall be written online. I landed up with a nice job. have maintained a lot of friends and managed well on that front. Academics this year has been the greatest disappointment this past year, have to plan on that front!!! Money matters still continue to keep me busy with planning up. Reading has been at a terrible low the last four months, should work on that too. Health seems to be OK, except for... well need to get moving and get new glasses. Mental well being is as usual in doubt. I learnt that I still have a lot to learn(backlog has been increasing). No romance in real life so far.... So good. concern is only a certain person who I would do away with if I were Don, or may be a serial killer. Ups and downs, I didn't learn anything more than that I have a lot of patience when it comes to surprises.
The next year, some things are predictable, but I really don't know what might happen. I don't have a clue where I might be in life. Lots of questions, that I don't know that answers for at the moment.
Its already 3:43 AM, cant sleep for half hour, will jsut have to go back and gape at a few more photographs.

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Vicky said...

well.. My saying this wouldn't make much of a difference to the cosmic plans that time holds for u.. but have a 'Happy New Year'...
Same time next year you'll be what you want to be [or maybe what the powers of the universe think you want to be]. Do get some sleep, its required for mental well-being.. pondering over things just makes people more frustrated and turn the mood from sigh to arrrghh and from arrgh to ughhhhh...


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