Wednesday, June 28, 2006


France vs. Spain

As Thierry Henry gives a small tete-e-tete to ESPN, I take on the strong calling from my innerself to use the pen. A decision after a very long time!!!

Two years ago, July`04, a friend of mine in a n email said that " CAT was meaningless now and that his GRE had gone well.. blah blah.." The guy is now in Uncle Sam's land pursuing his MS. Going through my email archives, I stumbled upon this one email, realising what was missing in my life - Focus!!!

A simple column during the process of making a blog - Who am I!!! (too difficult to answer, can't I just pass this one...). I dont know, other than saying I am D/o or sister of someone, I cannot describe myself. To console my poor little heart, I can say it may be because I cannot be defined in just a confined character limit :-)

Who am I? - not going over that question again. What do I want to do? - too many answers!!! When choices are plenty and practicality leaves you agape, you are left confused enough to become chicken (not from Kegg farms).

The end result is it leaves you indecisive. I have taken decisions all through my life. My parents have encouraged me to do so, and it helps in making you a better person. But now, The thought of having to make a decision leaves me in the dark, with a terrible hollow, emptiness in my cranium.

So why all of a sudden the indecisive outburst you ask? Only cos I took notice of it now. When I ponder if or not to delete a testimonial cos of the english and the person's overtly nice words, it leaves me wondering why am I even thinking (or a very long time) of how I am to act in a trivial situation. I even think of getting a friend's help.

The step to sit and write - well the decision comes as a relief. The absolute chaos of ' to do something worthwhile in life', the 'study/work' question, 'what next?'....Arrggh!!!

Terribly ironic that I wrote about being childish yet mature in my last post. [Present scenario: child in me writes blog content etc in my book; the computer using adult rewrites them onto the PC.]

Can't I just be Daddy's little girl and forget about all these not-so-important questions. But then thinking of making my Daddy proud puts me right on track; No, not the indecisive one, the one which leads me to proving my worth. Where there maybe delays in decisions, certainly no inability to decide. Alls clear now.

And for those of you who read this post and wonder what the answers to the questions aforementioned are... Well, I was never an openbook to be now. All decisions are taken prudently and with a larger picture in mind. God is in his heaven; Alls well with the World.

PS: I wonder who manages to clean up these pristine white soccer uniforms. Probably designed as use and throw artefacts.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two worlds

My Friend's blog had this one topic that I felt I had to write about. Two Worlds he said and went on this way...

...The 'two worlds' I refer to are two different stages of a human's life - childhood and adulthood. Do you love kids? Most of us do.Rite?? Ever wondered what makes us love them? Are we even conscious of the fact that we love them.. I suppose most often it is an un-conscious process... I am attempting to understand, if not all of it, atleast some portion of it...

Well, ok, people know how much I love kids, I really don't. Being the eldest of the lot as far as my maternal family is concerned, I have to baby sit a huge army of lilliputians when the older people do their chores. This is not any peace loving person's pleasant ordeal.
Then he goes onto write about how as kids we desire to ride bikes, drive cars, have girlfriends/boyfriends, make our decisions and when we eventually grow up, we desire to be kids. Long for our childhood Here's the link:

As far as I am concerned, the child in me never grew up. Come on, I have to put up with a lot of kids and even though it is not my favourite pastime they love me a lot. So lets investigate what makes us this way. I do not want to live my childhood again, once was memorable and those memories last for ever. But why do people when they grow, decide not to enjoy the little things that once made them happy. Imagine how u could still play hide and seek with 5 year olds and hold a valid drivers license, with out feeling out of place.

Elders do call me immature at times when it comes to fooling around like a primary school kid, but if being mature means, I cant just do my thing, cant roll around in the mud playing, cant eat an icecream with out a desert spoon and all that blah blah, I prefer to be immature.

Growing up, and becomin mature, some how has narrowed down the angle of thought. Do we really think about why the moon appears orange sometimes? Even if we do, do we ask people if they know the answer to it? NO, just because we as adults don't want to be seen wasting our precious time on trivialities.Hmmm... we just quit learning and exploring as we grew up. We had a broad spectrum to think in when we kids,our imagination ran wild; but now we do not think out of the box, we can let imagination run wild, mostly perverted.

I for one realise the pleasures of being a kid, and I refuse to grow up. For those who want me to act my age, all I can say is, I have got the best of the two worlds, why would I want to give up on one???

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ok.. The peace is gone. The silence shattered.

My news paper reading habit is not very tasking. I do not scrutinize the news to every li'l bit. But yes, nevertheless I do read it. Being an ardent fan of the written word, I appreciate the few interesting articles that feature in everyday news. These days however there are completely undeserving topics making the headlines. So that section is skipped. The editorials are a must read. I remember days when editorials were diplomatic, pondered on all the avenues and premises of the topic at hand and yet did not take a stand on the topic. These editorials were making people think. Their thought were theirs, but ends none of their own. Today it has degraded to the extent of favoring a particular view. The Editorial board does realize the power of the medium and hence would exploit it to the maximum. Does this ring a bell? On the lines of the news channels? Hmmmm... That's another very sad story. Common sense is so un-common these days! When people tell us their opinions instead of just plain unadulterated news, how can the junta take a stand on anything? I am venturing away from my initial thought.
So what's with the news you ask? Here goes. You may have read or even written down on the topic of affirmative action taking the help of reservation. This is by far the worst that I have read - in today's newspaper. A survey on the population of journalists in the top newspapers of the country suggests that this field is dominated by the upper caste people. A dismal amount is held by the largest segment of population - the OBC. Before I know it I may well be buying a newspaper meant for the uppercaste run and produced by people from the same caste. I may be exaggerating, but I am prepared for it. We may have learnt that caste is a social evil in school, I wonder why then is the union ministry is taking action based on such an evil. I am no communist. I will definitely allow the government to divide and rule based on caste. Afterall I do belong to the upper class and it doesn't hurt me to look down on the backward classes. All coins have two faces to them. If a person can get priviledges on the basis of his/her caste, definitely endorsing their caste in all walks of life should be a part of the package.

Anyways, that's just the anti-reservation spirit writing. But then, the last question remains. With the office of profit bill and the like happening, why are there no surveys on the grounds of caste taking place to show us the membership of Political parties. Why are there no statistics about the decision makers of the various political parties, the ministry also should not be spared. Can Indian politics practice before it Preaches!?!?!?!?!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My first post!!!!

Hmmm.. I have no particular topic in mind to write about, my mind is as clear as a crystal having the read the first page of Frost at midnite, by ST Coleridge (U noticed the URL). I shall warn Thou that this is the very first of the many abstruse musings that will feature on this blog.
My good friend from college introduced me to blogging and this post had been long overdue. Having known that the basic essential of blogging was to toy with thought I have started, with no sharp idea of where will this lead me to.
Old thoughts are prejudices and new ones are caprices, and I do require a change from this amazing state of nonchalance that my mind has succumbed to. There have been so many things happening around me that ignites a spark but none that I am bold enough to write about. Some I am nonchalant about, others, well I prefer to keep them to myself!
Retrospect - that's what this post shall be about. Afterall I did meet my friends from school after 5 long years. Looking back on the years I have lived, it does not seem to me that I would have turned out any thing better than what I am now. A happy family, great parents, fabulous siblings, amazing friends, and I thank God for them. I am sure that everyone has thought about how they would have turned to be if they were born into another family, I am no exclusion. I have finally concluded that this was the best for me. The question also arises about friendship, and it is better late than never to clear any fog. Relationships, well People who know me know that I am nonchalant about the opposite sex, and hence none to count on. The favourite word for this post seems to be nonchalant, maybe due to the subdued state of activity happening in my grey matter. I must stop running around the bush and start thinking of something, anything to write about.
Incase you have really had the patience to read the above infantile gibberish, I applaud your patience and apologise for the misery. I had already warned you about the absurdity of this blog.

I just had to put this one up ;)
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