Wednesday, June 28, 2006


France vs. Spain

As Thierry Henry gives a small tete-e-tete to ESPN, I take on the strong calling from my innerself to use the pen. A decision after a very long time!!!

Two years ago, July`04, a friend of mine in a n email said that " CAT was meaningless now and that his GRE had gone well.. blah blah.." The guy is now in Uncle Sam's land pursuing his MS. Going through my email archives, I stumbled upon this one email, realising what was missing in my life - Focus!!!

A simple column during the process of making a blog - Who am I!!! (too difficult to answer, can't I just pass this one...). I dont know, other than saying I am D/o or sister of someone, I cannot describe myself. To console my poor little heart, I can say it may be because I cannot be defined in just a confined character limit :-)

Who am I? - not going over that question again. What do I want to do? - too many answers!!! When choices are plenty and practicality leaves you agape, you are left confused enough to become chicken (not from Kegg farms).

The end result is it leaves you indecisive. I have taken decisions all through my life. My parents have encouraged me to do so, and it helps in making you a better person. But now, The thought of having to make a decision leaves me in the dark, with a terrible hollow, emptiness in my cranium.

So why all of a sudden the indecisive outburst you ask? Only cos I took notice of it now. When I ponder if or not to delete a testimonial cos of the english and the person's overtly nice words, it leaves me wondering why am I even thinking (or a very long time) of how I am to act in a trivial situation. I even think of getting a friend's help.

The step to sit and write - well the decision comes as a relief. The absolute chaos of ' to do something worthwhile in life', the 'study/work' question, 'what next?'....Arrggh!!!

Terribly ironic that I wrote about being childish yet mature in my last post. [Present scenario: child in me writes blog content etc in my book; the computer using adult rewrites them onto the PC.]

Can't I just be Daddy's little girl and forget about all these not-so-important questions. But then thinking of making my Daddy proud puts me right on track; No, not the indecisive one, the one which leads me to proving my worth. Where there maybe delays in decisions, certainly no inability to decide. Alls clear now.

And for those of you who read this post and wonder what the answers to the questions aforementioned are... Well, I was never an openbook to be now. All decisions are taken prudently and with a larger picture in mind. God is in his heaven; Alls well with the World.

PS: I wonder who manages to clean up these pristine white soccer uniforms. Probably designed as use and throw artefacts.

MOOD: damn Vieirra - missed a goal; disappointed
Listening to: Football commentary.

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