Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Sometimes I go mad, or rather sometimes I get my sanity back. Like now when I am incessantly writing. This is the third post I started. A couple of days I had this question about : ) and about naming movies.

: )
How would you respond if anyone on your IM chat’s friends list pinged you a : ) ?
People I am great with I just kept pinging them : )’s and Rahul thought I really lost it this time around; Bj thought I became a lot more girly than he ever knew me to be and was preparing for some serious emotional chat. Aj smiled back a couple of times and then changed to :P,:D and finally contemplated suicide. Some others just said hi, then after a few more : )’s said I was in one of those days of insanity. Then the others I was not so great with, I wrote the entire question down so they don’t block me. They replied they would smile back or just think about it and say hi and if persistent ignore. Well general conclusion was Smile… It confuses people!!! (some people flicked my status message btw)

Then the next question - if you were to make a movie what would you name it? Mostly asked at work.
Rahsuna: Carrot Halwa
Azaliahs: kinley
Grluap: whatever
Htanuhgar: the last mundu
Kilam: me
Itok: Movie
Adithya: Jai Jaipal!
Rahul:Itni darlins', but no GirlFriends ;o)

The more fun when you think of it like this… “In theatres now

Best answer was Kanji’s “Phatta poster nikla chutiya”

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