Monday, January 29, 2007

Sleepy gal.. slee... zzzz....

I am feeling sleepy!!!


Well, I am feeling sleepy on a Monday afternoon at work and I attribute it to the rather lousy long Republic day weekend! Three days of doing nothing. … Yawn!... With all the agony and frustration of the weekend that passed by I am in a mood for complaining. The three days that we had anticipated so much for such a long time, Sigh! We spent the first day trying to figure out what to do during the other two days. The second day we spent watching SRK’s Don, and sleeping… Yawn!.... When I had done away with all options for whiling away time, I read a book! A very romantic one along the lines of a
Mills & Boons (Zzzzz…) But of course there had to be some kind of way in which u can spend time. Engrossed in mush and romance of its pages I slept around 3AM (or was it four?) Sunday was the same again, only with the frustration and agony of house arrest being flared. (Adding to it, the depressing feeling that one has due to romance, or the lack of it.) To wash off that effect I started a book… Yawn!... , Inscrutable Americans, …some relief. But still the weekend had gone bad. 72 hours gone badly is a lot of time.

Now the actual cribbing starts. What is a republic? A state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them. Or so the online dictionary states. What a useless and rather meaningless description for the state of affairs that we are in! … Yawn!... Citizens have been stranded across the city for the past week, due to the autos and the Govt. being at loggerheads! No cabs are available and we can not go out paying exorbitant auto fares due to the fear of the unions. … Yawn!... And we have our public servants being chauffeured around on the streets with the unnecessary fleet of pilot vehicles and causing traffic jams everywhere on the already congested Indian roads. So why is that our representatives put us through this agony? Or looking at it the other way round, … Yawn!... why is it that the ones with the supreme power have to undergo this plight? May be, the pilot fleet is required after all, a prudent move before all citizens use their super powers to turn into wicked green monsters waiting to devour their own beloved representatives. … Yawn!... Damn it! I am ranting and rambling away in my sleep...Zzzzz…

4:45 PM


Finally woken up from deep sleep. Sweet dreams amidst all the cacophony that googley-ness causes. Well rested and calm now. Concentrating on work and blogging for leisure, interspersed with overindulgence by the form of excessive breaks. Well, wonder why at all was I in a mood for cribbing? ;-)

Ah… And now you have a found a reason to, perhaps (winks and ducks under the table).

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